Almería, 16 - 20 octubre, 2023

Abstracts submissions and talks in English are also accepted and welcomed. Submitting terms and Instructions are available bellow. If you are having trouble filling out the submission form, please contact the technical secretariat at: We will guide you through the registration and submission process.

Submitting an abstract

The call for abstracts is open on Wednesday, 15th March 2023 and shall expire on monday 17th April 2023 (23:59 h. UTC+2). Abstracts must be submitted solely and exclusively through the on-line application provided for this purpose for being considered, even if you have been asked by the organizer of a Session to present a Main Talk in her/his session. Abstracts received by email will not be accepted.

Accepted abstracts will be published into the abstract compilation that will be given to every meeting´s attendee. 

Data fields on personal treatment and career stage are of voluntary compliance, and will be used only for the purpose of participation statistics. The AEET is highly committed to the democratization of knowledge and its aim is to promote diversity within our scientific-academic community.

Abstracts and presentations will be accepted in both languages Spanish and English.


 Type of presentations You can apply for 

  • Oral presentations: Standard oral presentations will have a total length of 15 minutes, 12 minutes of presentation + 3 minutes for questions or discussion.
  • Poster presentations: Posters will be exhibited throughout the conference, to encourage the active participation of the attendees a specific time slot has been scheduled each day in which the authors will be able to present their posters and discuss their conclusions with the interested parties.

Please read carefully the following instructions before submitting your abstract.


To encourage broad participation, each person may submit and present only one abstract as lead author, whether submitting an oral or poster presentation. However, one person may act as a non-presenting co-author on several abstracts. Session ST.09: "Empathy and respect in science, for a greater diversity of ecology researchers" is excluded from this rule and a second contribution may be submitted to this session either as an oral or poster presentation.

  1. The presenting author must select one type-format of contribution: “oral" or "poster”.
  2. Session Assignment: Authors can contribute to any of the scientific sessions / symposiums programmed The presenting author must indicate preference for any particular session or symposium by selecting the corresponding theme at the drop-down menu.
  3. The presenting author must enter the title* (sentence) and the summary* of his/her contribution (maximun length of 250 words) in the respective fields. You can also upload a Word-format file containing your proposal. 
  4. The presenting author must enter data of all authors* involved in strict sequential order as they want to appear in the abstract compilation, (forename, first (uppercase) letter of forename, family name, affiliation centre and e-mail are required). Make sure everyone has been included.
  5. The presenting author may optionally inform about their career status by selecting the corresponding profile** at the drop-down menu. Authors that have signed up to any of the of the three early carrer categories, may apply for the best contributions in oral/poster ECRs Prizes.

 *Please only capitalize the first word of sentences and proper nouns or acronyms.

 ** Options are: 1) Pre-doctoral student (degree or master); 2) Doctoral student (PhD candidate); 3) Early career (Post-doctoral, lecturers, up to 8 years after the PhD defence); 4) Advanced career, in non-permanent position and 5) Permanent position.

Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words, and must be informative, present novel and unpublished research and explicit conclusions or at least preliminary results. Abstracts that do not meet the minimum quality requirements will be rejected by the Scientific Committee.

After you click the "Enviar/Submit" button at the form page, an abstract ID will be automatically emailed to you. You can use this reference for any notification regarding your contribution. If you do not receive such a notification, please contact the Technical Secretariat at in order to confirm that your abstract was successfully received.  

You will be able to log back in and re-edit your contribution at any time until the submission deadline (17th April 2023). After that, you will not be able to modify any element (session or symposium, type of contribution, title, abstract or sequential list of authors).  Caution!! according to the one person/one submission rule, it is not possible to upload different contributions from the same user (except for the ST.09 session). If you re-enter the system with the same user and re-edit any field, you will be overwriting (deleting) the data of the previously registered contribution. 



The accuracy of the content of the abstracts is the responsibility of the authors. By submitting an abstract, the author accepts the terms and conditions established in this section and implicitly consents to the publication of his/her abstract in this or other AEET communication/dissemination media, always mentioning the author's attribution. In this sense, the organization understands that the first author has the consent of all the authors who appear as co-signatories in his communication, and is not responsible for the veracity of the data declared by the authors in their submissions.

Abstracts that are incomplete or received after the deadline will not be considered. Please be sure to submit the final-revised version of your contribution before 17th April 2023. 

Please be aware that participation in this call implies that the candidate agrees to transfer to the AEET the right to use the data contained in your application form, which will only be used for purposes related to the evaluation of proposals and for statistical purposes, participation, evaluation and communication of resolutions and, if your proposal is accepted, for the purposes derived from the dissemination of the program (scientific and activities) of the congress and publications derived from it, all without prejudice to the provisions of the legislation on intellectual property and protection of personal data. In this sense, the Organization understands that the authors who participate in this call for papers have received express consent for the transfer of their data from each of the authors who appear as co-signatories in their proposed contribution.

 Evaluation of Abstracts and acceptance notifications 

Submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the meeting and may be selected and distributed among the scientific sessions programmed according to the respective themes. 

Although submitters of abstracts may indicate a preference for a particular session and a particular format of presentation, due to the limited amount of time and space available for oral sessions, authors may be asked to accommodate their talks in other session or to give a poster presentation instead of an oral presentation. Optionally, session organizers may also ask authors to make a short oral presentation (flash format) of 5 minutes (3 minutes presentation + 2 minutes for questions) instead of a standard oral presentation of 15 minutes.

Acceptation of contributions will be notified as of May 30, 2023, by e-mail, and will remain pending of confirmation until the organization can verify that the presenter is already registered at the meeting and that the corresponding payment has been confirmed. Registration is a separate process that will be open in June 2023.

Late cancellations and failures to give scheduled oral presentations are disruptive and leave gaps in the program. Before submitting an abstract, authors should be confident that they will attend the meeting and make the presentation

Information about acceptable portable media formats will be further submitted to the authors.


Thank you very much for participating.